Elite strawberry boilies ib

15 EUR


Elite strawberry boilies :

this carptrack elite strawberry boilie is based on fish meal, water soluble ingredients such as carptrack inp, pure green lipped mussel extract, carptrack protein concentrate and the highest concentration strawberry power powder.

It also contains carptrack nhdc - the original (5ml/kg), carptrack liquid amino (18ml/kg), carptrack inl (18ml/kg) and carptrack elite strawberry flavour (5ml/kg) - a heart note in its purest form. This boilie can be used in any water at any time of the year with maximum success!

Good luck catching your dream carp.

The better results with catching carps and more successful is all completely set !!!

Boilies + dip + gel

1 kg - 15 € ,size 16,20 mm

5 kg - 65 € ,size 16,20 mm

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