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Original EMEA Product. New, factory sealed and original boxed.
The base of any IP Office system is the control unit. It stores the system configuration and controls the system operation. The IP500 V2 Control Unit has four front slots for IP500 base cards. It has an internal power supply unit and uses a mandatory System SD card. It includes a 2 port Ethernet LAN switch (layer 3 managed) on the rear. It supports IP Office R6.0 or higher as well as IP Office Basic Edition, Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Advanced Edition, Partner, and Norstar Edition.
Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit specifications:
Supports a combination of 384 Analog, Digital & IP phonesSupports up to 12 Expansion ModulesSupports up to 8 T1/PRI/E1 Connections4 card slots compatible with existing IP500 cards as well as new IP500V2 CardsSD Card required, acts as Feature KeyOperates in IP Office mode or PARTNER mode, determined by SD Card & presence of Essential Edition.Includes Basic Edition VoicemailSupport for new IP500V2 cards, including SD Cards, Combination Cards, and ETR 6 CardsSupport for Partner Mode, which resembles PARTNER ACS (only available in North America)Telephone support: 1400 Digital Series, 1600 International IP Series, 9500 Digital Series, 9600 IP Series, and ETR PARTNER PhonesRequirement of Preferred Edition for User Productivity LicensesPart number: 700476005
The Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit is compatible with the above base cards and external expansion modulesCompatible with 1400, 2400, 5400, 6400, and 9500 series digital phones (configuration and SW level dependent)Compatible with 1600, 4600, 5600, and 9600 series IP phones (configuration and SW level dependent)IP Office 9.0 and later supports IP500 V2 control unit and the Avaya Branch Gateway as a single product (i.e. the IP500 V2 control unit and the Avaya Branch Gateway are identical)

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