Core Fusion 3 inc bindingen

800 EUR

In uitstekende staat Core fusion kiteboard inclusief bindingen. Board is een paar keer gebruikt.

The Core Fusion 3 is what we like to call a free-formance kitesurf board. It has the cruising characteristics of a free-ride board with loads of comfort and easy riding. Despite the comfort, the Fusion 3 is not gonna let you down when you want to push your riding and want to go big.

The Fusion 3 has a paulownia wood core, this core is laminated with 30º Biaxial Cartan carbon which gives the board it's unique flex-pattern. This carbon type needs less resin (glue) than other types. This results in a remarkable weight saving. We were surprised by the weight of this board, it feels very light.
Core has also put a lot of effort in the design of the multi-channel hull under your feet. These channels will give you more up-wind ability and it helps freestylers to edge harder because of the grip that these channels are.

Locatie: Noord-Brabant - Tilburg
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