Custom Honda CB Seven fifty, Scrambler

9.550 EUR

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The Seven Fifty Honda

A Honda Seven Fifty: a nice bike, but… One of our last assignments was to make it a really cool bike! ¨I do have some ideas, but what would you guys do with it?¨, a customer asked us. Of course, we took up the challenge!

To build this bike we began with sketching ideas on paper and after that we turned on our Mac to make the final design in photoshop. As soon as we shared the plans with our customer, we were given the green light to start building the bike! On paper, we designed a very clean scrambler with some big knobby tires.

To make the stands of the bike more aggressive, we built a higher custom rear frame and mounted some bigger shocks. For the seat, we made a clean design in leather with black piping and a built-in taillight. To keep the rest of the bike clean, we created an electrical battery box under the seat and made a custom stainless steel exhaust with two MAD mufflers on each side of the bike. A small digital speedo, new handlebars, pod filters and a LED headlight completed the whole look which we pursued. To make the bike run great we also put it on the dyno, it made 81hp, not bad at all!

We as Moto Adonis are liking this build a lot!! If you compare the stock Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty with the final result, it’s a world of difference!

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Team moto,

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